The Deadliest Drug In America: Can Heroin Addiction Be Stopped?


The United States is facing one of the worst drug epidemics in history, with heroin at the forefront. In some areas of the US, heroin is easily accessible, making it convenient for addicts to find their next fix. Medical professionals and law enforcement have linked the rise in heroin addiction to the increase in prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet, which are the chemical cousins of heroin.

When heroin enters the brain, it converts to morphine and binds with opioid receptors which are located in the reward centers of the brain. This means that using heroin stimulates feelings of pleasure which users continue to desire, creating a dangerous cycle of addiction, one of the hardest to break. In fact, even the process of detoxing from heroin can be deadly. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that the fear of experiencing them can be reason enough to keep a user from seeking help.

Heroin addiction can be treated with the right approach. JourneyMalibu’s team of professionals is educated about the risks and process of heroin detox and rehab. Our independently affiliated physicians are trained and certified in the most advanced Subutex and Suboxone treatments available, assisting patients through the withdrawal and recovery stages. Paired with our individual and group therapies, the unwavering support of staff and fellow patients, and a strong will, heroin addiction can be overcome.Journey Malibu is dedicated to fighting the war on drug addiction one patient at a time.

The Deadliest Drug In America: Can Heroin Addiction Be Stopped?

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At Journey Malibu, we take drug addiction treatment to a higher level with a holistic healing approach and custom-tailored recovery plans for every guest. While still incorporating standard treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, our Malibu drug rehab center also uses a unique blend of alternative therapies and allopathic remedies.

What Makes Us Different?

We recognize that often there are underlying issues when dealing with addiction. There is a neuro-physiological side of drug and alcohol addiction that, if ignored, can be the continuing cause of relapse. Acknowledging all the causes and effects of addiction, including mental health issues or other co-occurring disorders, allows us to approach treatment with a more complete recovery plan.   

We also understand that a single approach to drug or alcohol rehab cannot work for every client. Focusing on preexisting ideals of the recovery process can be a recipe for relapse. We evaluate every client and continually adapt their treatment based on their day-to-day needs and input. Each person’s story is unique, making their recovery process unique as well.

Addiction can be as much mental and emotional as it is physical. For this reason, Journey Malibu takes a 360 approach to drug and alcohol treatment. Not only do we want to eliminate and replace bad habits with good ones, we also want your mind, body, and spirit to work in unison to create a completely healthy version of you. This can be achieved by providing our guests with organic foods, yoga and other holistic exercise options, and constant encouragement and reassurance through group therapy and one-on-one mentoring.

Lasting recovery can be found at Journey Malibu, where we work on each client individually and strive to heal every person as a whole – mind, body, and spirit.

Take A Different Approach To Recovery: Start Your Journey Here

What Is Holistic Drug Rehab?



Holistic healing begins in nature. Creating a tranquil, calming, natural environment to regroup, recharge, and reevaluate your life makes the process of drug rehab and recovery a spiritualjourney that begins within. Drug addiction cannot simply be overcome by eliminating the drug itself. This is because often the root of addiction goes much deeper, and carries with it a number of behaviors and emotions. Holistic healing allows patients to focus on the inner workings of their lives, honing in on every aspect of addiction – mental, physical, and emotional.

Journey Malibu offers a serene escape from the pressures and concerns of society. Aside from being surrounded by both the mountains and the ocean, our beautiful rehab facility offers programs that include meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and creative arts such as music, painting, and sailing. Each aspect of our holistic drug rehab is meant to heal the mind, body, and soul of each client in a way medication and normal detox programs cannot. This type of healing allows the patient to focus on his or herself to find true healing.

After the initial healing process, patients are taught to find serenity and spirituality in everyday life without the use of drugs. Our holistic approach helps those who are lost to find a new path in life that leads to happiness and growth in all aspects. We understand that drug rehab is not just about kicking a habit, but about reinventing yourself into a better, healthier life each and every day.

What Is Holistic Drug Rehab?